July 5, 2011

Star Legends is a brand new ‘massively-multiplayer’ adventure from the creators of the mobile MMO sensation “Pocket Legends!” PLAY FOR FREE with family and friends, and make new friends online by joining forces with thousands (and thousands) of players from around the world.

You’d think the depths of space would be pretty empty… but you’d be wrong! After centuries of exploration, mankind learns that the ‘void’ is actually chock-full of hideous monsters, psychotic robots, blood-thirsty pirates and evil corporations. Good people from all corners of the galaxy need heroes – like YOU – to take arms against this constant tide of violence and to preserve humanity against its many threats!

Go aboard the “UCS BLACKSTAR” – a colonial super-carrier in the furthest reaches of space. Surrounded by mutant aliens, corrupted by criminal pirates, and controlled by opportunists… It’s the sort of place where a hero – like YOU – can find a lot of action and earn a LOT of credits!